HRH paid tribute to The NWOBHM Movement with an " Xmas Rocka " , It was such a success, NWOBHM 2 has already launched.

VENI VIDI VICI....and if you're not Roman...We Came, We Saw , We Conquered.....NWOBHM is back back on the radar after an utterly amazing launch in 2016.....with people flying in from all over the world, more than 3000 people have made it clear, NWOBHM is very much Alive and Kickin
 Sometimes everyone can be guilty of forgetting our roots as well as bands and their music that have played their part and in some form or another impacted in our lives as we've grown up. We wanted to dedicate a HRH Xmas Rocka to a genre of music that lay the foundations for a lot of us whilst we emerged into our own circles of music. Most people touch on it..or probe at it, we wanted to dedicate a whole weekend to it. We want the HRH Horn to sound the "Roll Call" yet again and gather the bands and tribes we all created, under this unique genre banner, we all came to love, N.W.O.B.H.M.
Some of the bands don't play much, some have retired insome ways or went on a hiatus crusade, but the horn has sounded again and were calling in another 25 of the best and putting them all together into the 02 Academy in Sheffield on the 2nd and 3rd of December 2017 in a 2 arena, 2 day  HRH Xmas Rocka, aptly named HRH NWOBHM

HRH NWOBHM II will definitely not be a one off, its here to stay & will feature three exclusive HRH Hotels on the venues doorstep, with the usual Classic, VIP and Royalty packages.

Early Bird Weekend Tickets and Hotel Packages are on sale and the event is already over 80% sold.If your planning on joining the pilgrimage, all packages can be booked online @ or by calling Jess on 0207 193 1164.

Some quick facts

HRH NWOBHM II will happen on the 2nd & 3rd December 2017
This Movement will continue
2017 will be Saturday & Sunday and both days will start @ 14.00
HRH Hotels offer Classic, VIP n Royalty Passes on a BB basis, as well as the usual privileges, but there are only a couple left.